Found objects, Black Plastic

Black plastic waste found in nature.

Guerrilla Plastic Movement

The artist group Guerrilla Plastic Movement was founded in 2016.
The Guerrilla Plastic Movement works for clean seas and a plastic-free world using visual, verbal and artistic means; action art with humor and seriousness.

Guerrilla Plastic Movement is a group of 7 people who have extensive experience in creativity, communication and dissemination. We are artists, photographers, journalists, writers and teachers.

It starts with beach cleaning. We work in nature where the rubbish is found and use ourselves as models. We travel to the beach, create ideas, take pictures and write text. We utilize the energy that comes from working together. We collect what we find and use it in workshops for children and for various art installations, art projects, exhibitions etc.

Traveling SUN

Lisa Pacini & Christine Istad

Traveling SUN is a road trip and a site specific art project.

Fornebu - Traces of Time

Fornebu - Traces of Time
Snarøya, Norway. Janyary 2016 - November 2017.

Man Made 2017 by Istad and Rygh at Henie Onstad Art Center

Man Made

Installation art made of 200 rubber gloves found along the beaches in Bohuslän in Sweden by Istad Art.

Spectra Emotion

Elvelangs 2016.
Videoinstallasjon på oppdrag for Sagene Bydel i forbindelse med
Lisa Pacini og Christine Istad.
Lyd: Erik Wøllo

Filtered Light Forest

Filtered Light Forest

Factory Light Festival, Slemmestad, Norway 2016.
Light installation by: Christine Istad og Lisa Pacini
Sound: Isa Istad

Spectra Emotion

Factory Light Festival 2015, Slemmestad Norway.
Video installation by: Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini, Sound: Erik Wøllo.

Uniforms with text from Luciano Berio made by: Christine Istad

I see Me

Performance, song and dance
Artist Christine Istad, mezzosopran Kristin Kjølberg and choreografer/dancer Cina Espejord have developed the artistic performance to the opening of Kunst rett Vest at Henie Onstad Art Center.


Temporary outdoor installation, Sørenga, Oslo, 2012 - 2013
In cooperation with Sørenga Utvikling
Supported by the Norwegian Art Council

Celestial Bed

Lost Garden, Henie Onstad Art Center 2012




Landscape project Henie Onstad Art Center 2008

Curator: Tone Hansen, art historian at Henie Onstad Art Center

Frozen Landscape

Outdoor video installation 2008-2009

2009 St. Vicente Church, Evora, Portugal
2008 Henie Onstad Art Centre
2008 Hamar Sagbladfabrikk