Celestial Bed

Lost Garden, Henie Onstad Art Center 2012


Celestial bed
Bed frame in metal, wires and drapery with beard lichen (Usnea).
200x90x250 cm

The bed is hanging from four tree trunks. The bed frame has metal springs in the bottom. The bed is an original, antique iron bed from app. 1910. The bed has its history from Åmli. The owner was the famous opera singer Kirsten Flagstad.

The drapery surrounding the bed is made of wool and beard lichen. The pendulous lichen is originally growing on trees. Lichen (Usnea) is one of the most unique organisms on the planet. Some species are also known as natural antibiotics, and have been used medically for at least 1000 years. Lichen is also highly sensitive to environmental disturbances, especially air pollution. Lichen are nature's own sensor.

A place for contemplation, a place to get energy and inspiration, a place to hide or to recover, or whatever else you need a bed in the wood for…