Christine Istad

The camera is my tool for finding painterly motifs: I like the fact that they are based on reality. That’s the difference between painting and photography: in the photo, painterly aspects can be discovered in the reality, in the excerpts. You just need to discover them.
My pictures often spring from a discovery of something striking in my immediate surroundings. The important things are light, rhythm, depth, surface, harmony and the balance between forms. And I always try to move on and not repeat myself. My goal is to find the optimal motif. The photographs and videoes are taken as you see them. My photographs are made without digital manipulation

Short bio:
Istad is living and working near Oslo. Istad is a professional artist working with photography, video and installation. Istad has during the last years participated in several solo and group exhibitions in both Norway and abroad. She has exhibited at a.o. KUBE Art Museum, Henie Onstad Art Center, Oslo Art Center, Landmark Bergen Art Hall, Bomuldsfabriken, Tromsø Art Hall, Fundation Dom Luis, Portugal etc. She has participat¬ed at the regional exhibitions and her works have been purchased by a.o. Kube Art Museum, REV Ocean, National Library, Norwegian Bank, Prime Minister´s Office, UiO, LUAG Collection, PA, USA, Bærum Municipal Art Collection, etc. Istad has made a series of public, site-specific projects such as; Traveling SUN 2021-2016, MOON at USF Verftet, several landscape projects at Henie Onstad Art Center, DeFence Oslo etc. She has received her education from Westerdals School of Communication and Parsons School of Design in New York. Istad has received a number of project grants, artist scholarships and support from the government of Norway.
Istad has been working with video art since 1998, and her videoes has been screened many places in Norway and abroad, including festivals and exhibitions. 7 study trips to Japan from 2006-19, 3 study trips to USA from 2017-2020, and artist in residence at Circolo Scandinavo in Rome in 2017.
She has together with artist Lisa Pacini made the light sculpture and road trip Traveling SUN and exhibit¬ed the project in Norway, England, Iceland, the Nederlands and USA.
Traveling SUN:

Living and working in Bærum, near Oslo, Norway.


Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo Norway

Galleri LNM, Oslo Norway

Sunderø Art Gallery