2024Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater, Pantarei, "River Meditations"
2023Geiranger Light Festival: «Disturbing Nature”, IstadPacini ArtLab
Kunst rett Vest, artist open studio, group show Fornenu, «Disturbing Nature”, IstadPacini ArtLab
2022Elvelangs Light Festival in Oslo: «Disturbing Nature ”, IstadPacini ArtLab
KRONA Romsdalsmuseet, Molde: “Marine Debris», «Deep Surface», «Rivermeditations», «Found object, Stavern»
2020-21Fundação Dom Luis in Cascais, Portugal: 2 videoes: INNER & OUTER, Istad Art. Traveling SUN, IstadPacini.
Biennial Art Foundation of Cerveira, Portugal:
Video: Plastic Queen, Guerrilla Plastic Movement, 2 video portraits of Pippip Ferner and Christine Istad.
2019FECIP-2019, 3° Portoviejo Film Festival in Ecuador. Video: Hong Kong - Wan Chai.
8th International Video Art Festival of Camagüey. Video: Window Shopping (Japan).
Oslo Central Train Station, Norway, Mesén. Video: Solar (Italy).
2018Nordisk Panorama, Malmø, Sweden. Video «The Sky Comes With You».
Nordic Film Fest 2018 at Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy. Artists from Circolo Scandinavo: "HK Wan Chai", "Solar", "Mist" and "Car Crash".
San Diego, The Sixth International Marine Debris Conference: "The Plastic Queen"
2017Gallery Semmingsen, Norway. video: "The Fountainhead, The Dragon Fly, Larence & Lindsey".
Public Art Screen, Stavanger : video: “Ito, Solar, No title and HK-WanChai”.
2016Louisiana Art&Science Museum, ”Sun Light/Star Light”, video: Traveling SUN; IstadPacini
Video installation: “Spectra Emotion”, Elvelangs Oslo, Wøllo and IstadPacini
2015Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Rjukan Culture House, Norway, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Bærum Kunsthall: "Hong Kong - Wan Chai".
Winner of Great Lakes Film Festival, best experimental: "Hong Kong - Wan Chai".
Factory Light Festival, Slemmestad, Norway: "Spectra Emotion" with Pacini and Wøllo.
Kunstverein Ingan, Gallery Greusslich, Berlin, Germany: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
27. Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway: "Hong Kong - Wan Chai".
Bærum Culture House, Trippeldans, video: "BEHIND GREEN".
6th International Videoart Festival of Camagüey, Cuba, video: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
NOoSPHERE Arts, New York, video: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
International experimental video-art festival, The Ferry Gallery, Bangkok, video: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
2014Galleri Semmingsen, Norway: “HONG KONG - Wan Chai”, - "High Rise” and - "Red Waters”
Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Kunst rett Vest, Norway, video: SOLAR
Bærum Art Society, Norway: BREATH OUT
MORPHOS - Sustainable Empires, Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice Italy: HERSELF
MARTE - Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Castellón (Spain): HERSELF
Kunstgalleriet Stavanger, Norway: SOLAR
Museo de Almería, Spain, International ArtExpo: HERSELF
Phillips Collection, Wachington DC, USA, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Marres, House for
Culture Maastricht, The Nederlands, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
2013Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway, video: CAR CRASH
International ArtExpo, Bari, Italy, video: BEHIND GREEN 100% Norway
Dray Walk Gallery, 100%Norway, London Design Festival, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Tromsø Art Hall, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
2012Tromsø Art Society, Norway, video installation: LIGHT & DARK
Tromsø Art Hall, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Verdensteateret Tromsø, Norway, video: IDENTITY
Bærum Art Society, Norway, video installation: COLD BLOOD
Nord-Trøndelag Region Gallery, Norway, video installation with Lisa Pacini and Erik Wøllo: SPECTRA EMOTIONS and WATERFALLS
2011Zoellner Arts Center, PA, USA, video installation with Lisa Pacini and Erik Wøllo: SPECTRA EMOTIONS
Oslo Central Station, Norway; Rom for Kunst, video: “TIME – in hundred years everything is forgotten”
2009Gallery Trafo, Norway, video: SPEED PULSE, SPECTRA EMOTIONS and SHOREN-JI
2008Høstutstillingen; Oslo, Stavanger, Tromsø, video: KYOTO TO TOKYO
Bærum Art Society, Norway, video: SIBIR
Art Center Møre & Romsdal, Moldejazz, video: ITO and MIST
Folk Museum, Moldejazz, Norway, video: SHOREN-JI
Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway, video installation with Vigdis Storsveen and Mathilde Viddal: FROZEN LANDSCAPE
2006Gallery Statskleiv, Bø, Norway, video: THE KISS and NO TITLE (vasp)

2005Bærum Art Society, Norway, video: VOLTE
2004Bergen Art Hall, Landmark, Norway, video: NO TITLE (vasp)

Høstutstillingen, Oslo, Norway, video: NO TITLE (vasp)
Oslo Art Society, Norway, video installation: FROM THE KITCHEN
2003Art Center Møre og Romsdal, Norway, video: THE KISS
Bærum Culture house, Norway, video: THE KISS
Boa Gallery, Oslo, Norway, video: FROM TUNISIA
Lommedalen Church, Norway, video: CLOSED DOORS
2002Tønsberg Art Society, Norway, video: THE CAT FRITJOF and PORTRAITS OF 9 DOGS
2001Molde Art Society, Norway, video: FROM THE KITCHEN
Museum of Hamar, Norway, video: CLOSED DOORS
Museum, Trondheim, Norway, video: CLOSED DOORS
1999Telemark Regional Gallery, Notodden, Norway, video: MARIA

1998Art Center Møre og Romsdal, Norway, video: MARIA