Christine Istad ||
Studio: Borgen, Emma Hjorths vei 52, 1336 Sandvika
Postal Address: Granalleen 24, N-1363 Høvik, Norway
Telefon: +47 924 11 863

2024Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater, Pantarei, "River Meditations"
2023Geiranger Light Festival: «Disturbing Nature”, IstadPacini ArtLab
Kunst rett Vest, artist open studio, group show Fornenu, «Disturbing Nature”, IstadPacini ArtLab
2022Elvelangs Light Festival in Oslo: «Disturbing Nature ”, IstadPacini ArtLab
KRONA Romsdalsmuseet, Molde: “Marine Debris», «Deep Surface», «Rivermeditations», «Found object, Stavern»
2020-21Fundação Dom Luis in Cascais, Portugal: 2 videoes: INNER & OUTER, Istad Art. Traveling SUN, IstadPacini.
Biennial Art Foundation of Cerveira, Portugal:
Video: Plastic Queen, Guerrilla Plastic Movement, 2 video portraits of Pippip Ferner and Christine Istad.
2019FECIP-2019, 3° Portoviejo Film Festival in Ecuador. Video: Hong Kong - Wan Chai.
8th International Video Art Festival of Camagüey. Video: Window Shopping (Japan).
Oslo Central Train Station, Norway, Mesén. Video: Solar (Italy).
2018Nordisk Panorama, Malmø, Sweden. Video «The Sky Comes With You».
Nordic Film Fest 2018 at Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy. Artists from Circolo Scandinavo: "HK Wan Chai", "Solar", "Mist" and "Car Crash".
San Diego, The Sixth International Marine Debris Conference: "The Plastic Queen"
2017Gallery Semmingsen, Norway. video: "The Fountainhead, The Dragon Fly, Larence & Lindsey".
Public Art Screen, Stavanger : video: “Ito, Solar, No title and HK-WanChai”.
2016Louisiana Art&Science Museum, ”Sun Light/Star Light”, video: Traveling SUN; IstadPacini
Video installation: “Spectra Emotion”, Elvelangs Oslo, Wøllo and IstadPacini
2015Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Rjukan Culture House, Norway, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Bærum Kunsthall: "Hong Kong - Wan Chai".
Winner of Great Lakes Film Festival, best experimental: "Hong Kong - Wan Chai".
Factory Light Festival, Slemmestad, Norway: "Spectra Emotion" with Pacini and Wøllo.
Kunstverein Ingan, Gallery Greusslich, Berlin, Germany: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
27. Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway: "Hong Kong - Wan Chai".
Bærum Culture House, Trippeldans, video: "BEHIND GREEN".
6th International Videoart Festival of Camagüey, Cuba, video: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
NOoSPHERE Arts, New York, video: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
International experimental video-art festival, The Ferry Gallery, Bangkok, video: "HONG KONG - Wan Chai".
2014Galleri Semmingsen, Norway: “HONG KONG - Wan Chai”, - "High Rise” and - "Red Waters”
Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Kunst rett Vest, Norway, video: SOLAR
Bærum Art Society, Norway: BREATH OUT
MORPHOS - Sustainable Empires, Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice Italy: HERSELF
MARTE - Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Castellón (Spain): HERSELF
Kunstgalleriet Stavanger, Norway: SOLAR
Museo de Almería, Spain, International ArtExpo: HERSELF
Phillips Collection, Wachington DC, USA, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Marres, House for
Culture Maastricht, The Nederlands, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
2013Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway, video: CAR CRASH
International ArtExpo, Bari, Italy, video: BEHIND GREEN 100% Norway
Dray Walk Gallery, 100%Norway, London Design Festival, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Tromsø Art Hall, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
2012Tromsø Art Society, Norway, video installation: LIGHT & DARK
Tromsø Art Hall, video: Traveling SUN, IstadPacini
Verdensteateret Tromsø, Norway, video: IDENTITY
Bærum Art Society, Norway, video installation: COLD BLOOD
Nord-Trøndelag Region Gallery, Norway, video installation with Lisa Pacini and Erik Wøllo: SPECTRA EMOTIONS and WATERFALLS
2011Zoellner Arts Center, PA, USA, video installation with Lisa Pacini and Erik Wøllo: SPECTRA EMOTIONS
Oslo Central Station, Norway; Rom for Kunst, video: “TIME – in hundred years everything is forgotten”
2009Gallery Trafo, Norway, video: SPEED PULSE, SPECTRA EMOTIONS and SHOREN-JI
2008Høstutstillingen; Oslo, Stavanger, Tromsø, video: KYOTO TO TOKYO
Bærum Art Society, Norway, video: SIBIR
Art Center Møre & Romsdal, Moldejazz, video: ITO and MIST
Folk Museum, Moldejazz, Norway, video: SHOREN-JI
Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway, video installation with Vigdis Storsveen and Mathilde Viddal: FROZEN LANDSCAPE
2006Gallery Statskleiv, Bø, Norway, video: THE KISS and NO TITLE (vasp)

2005Bærum Art Society, Norway, video: VOLTE
2004Bergen Art Hall, Landmark, Norway, video: NO TITLE (vasp)

Høstutstillingen, Oslo, Norway, video: NO TITLE (vasp)
Oslo Art Society, Norway, video installation: FROM THE KITCHEN
2003Art Center Møre og Romsdal, Norway, video: THE KISS
Bærum Culture house, Norway, video: THE KISS
Boa Gallery, Oslo, Norway, video: FROM TUNISIA
Lommedalen Church, Norway, video: CLOSED DOORS
2002Tønsberg Art Society, Norway, video: THE CAT FRITJOF and PORTRAITS OF 9 DOGS
2001Molde Art Society, Norway, video: FROM THE KITCHEN
Museum of Hamar, Norway, video: CLOSED DOORS
Museum, Trondheim, Norway, video: CLOSED DOORS
1999Telemark Regional Gallery, Notodden, Norway, video: MARIA

1998Art Center Møre og Romsdal, Norway, video: MARIA
1985-1987Westerdals School of Communication, Oslo
1984-1985Parsons School of Design, New York
1984Examen Philosophicum, UiO
1982-1983Strykejernet Maleskole, art school, Oslo, Norway
1981-1982Manger folkehøgskole, art school, Norway
Solo show
2024"After Fall" Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo
2022"Deep Surface", KRONA, Romsdalsmuseet, Molde, Norway. 24th of February - 8th of May.
2020"Delirious Metropol", Gallery Semmingsen
2017"Interconnections" Galleri Svae
2017"Skylife Dissolved" Galleri Semmingsen
2014"Made in Hong Kong" Gallery Semmingsen, Norway
2014"Insight Outsight" Kunstgalleriet, Stavanger, Norway
2011"Øyeblikkets kvalitet" Bærum Kulturhus
2011"Fotografier" Galleri Allmenningen, Bergen Norway
2010"Speed Pulse/City Pulse" Galleri Trafo, Norway
2009"Breath in – Breath out" Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo, Norway
2009"Abstractions" Kunstgalleriet, Stavanger, Norway
2009"Something Between" Art Museum KUBE, Ålesund, Norway
2008"Toki" Molde International Jazzfestival, festival artist
2005"Elevator" Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway
2003Gallery BOA, Oslo, Norway
2001Molde Art Society, Norway
2000Tønsberg Art Society, Norway
2000Fotohuset, Gøteborg, Sweden
1999Galleri NK, Lillehammer and Oslo, Norway
Juried group shows
2017Novemberutstillingen, Kongsberg Kunstforening
2016, 13, 10, 09, 07, 06, 01, 98Østlandsutstillingen
2008, 04Statens Høstutstilling
2004, 01Vestlandsutstillingen
Group shows
2024Rosvoll Prestegård, Nordmørsmusa. photo Istad Art, woodcut Lars Chr. Istad and Klart Glass
Oslo Negativ, Gallery Semmingsen, photo by Istad Art
2023"Residence 2023" at Patrick Huse Temporary Studio Gallery, Vinstra Norway
2022Oslo Negativ, photo festival, by Møller Collection, The Old Library in Oslo
Bærumsutstillingen, juried group show, Bærum Art Hall
2021As far as my Eyes can Sea – The Expedition Exhibition Art Rev Ocean.
Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall, Arendal, Norway
2020-2021Open Space, Fundação Dom Luis in Cascais, Portugal
2020Biennial Art Foundation of Cerveira, Portugal. IstadFerner, Guerrilla Plastic Movement
2019Open Space, TFK, Trondheim Art Society
2018Open Space: Bryne Kunstforening H.A. Isdahl, L. Pacini, M. K. Lalim, C. Istad,
2017’Novemberutstillingen’, Kongsberg Kunstforening
2016"Sun Light/Star Light", Louisiana Art&Science Museum, USA
2016"Every Thing Else is too Narrow". Bærum Kunsthall with AK Senstad and AM Staurset
2015"Traveling SUN" Arctic Circle Assembly, Reykjavik, Iceland
2014’Winter Anti Depression Show’ Marres Maastricht, The Nederlands
2014International ArtExpo at Museo de Almería, Spain
2013, 12, 09, 08, 07, 05, 04Bærum Art Society, Norway
2013'LNM uten maling' gruppeutstilling
2013Liquid Borders, International ArtExpo, Bari, italy
2012"Rommet mellom" Open Space, Art Museum Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
2012"Lost Garden", Henie Onstad Art Center
2012"Exit In" by Open Space at Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, Tromsø
2011"Open Space" at Main Art Gallery, Zoellner Arts Center, PA, USA
2010, 07, 04, 02Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo, Norway
2009”Frozen Landscape” Igreja de São Vicente, Évora, Portugal
2009"Art Video Exhange" Raulandsutstillinga 2009
2008"Frozen Landscape" Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway
2005"Identitet", KUBE Art Museum, Ålesund, Norway
2004Regional Art Center, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
2004Oslo Fine Art Society, Norway
2004"Video 2004" Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark
2004"Video 2004" Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark
2001Tønsberg Art Society, Norway
1999Telemark Fylkesgalleri, Notodden, Norway
1998Regional Art Center, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Artist Residences | Study Trips
2023Skåbu Artist Residence. Group show: "Residence 2023" PHT; Studio Gallery Vinstra, Norway
2022Skåbu Artist Residence, Norway
2021NOTAM Oslo, video and sound stdio
2018Study trip to Japan
2019Study trip USA, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, support Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Stiftelse
2017Studies in Rome, Italy - artist in residence at Circolo Scandinavo.
2016-17USA - Two study trips; from Miami to New York and from Chicago to Detroit, support Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Stiftelse
2014Study trip to Hong Kong
2006-2009Culture and language studies in Japan. 6 travels including a Pilgrimage at Shikoku Island for 6 weeks. With support from The National Work Grants for artists, 3 years.
2024After Fall solo show - BKH - The Relief Fund for Visual Artists
2023Sparebankstiftelsen NordVest til Plastarken, Guerrilla Plastic Movement
2021KiN, Kunstsentrene i Norge, Regional project support
2020The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK)
2020Grant from The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lisbon
2019Ingrid Lindbäck Langgaard Stiftelse
2019Guerrilla Plastic Movement from Art Council Norway
2017 -BKH - The Relief Fund for Visual Artists
2016Ingrid Lindbäck Langgaard Stiftelse
2014Work Grant for artists, NBK, 1 year
2012Art Council Norway, Exhibition Grant, Kulturrådet, Open Space
2011Project Grant, Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard stiftelse
2010Grant from NBK - Norwegian Visual Artists Association
2010Art Council Norway
2010Art Council Norway, project DeFence
2010Open Space, grant from NBK - Norwegian Visual Artists Association
2009Japan Sasakawa Foundation, travel grant
2007Project Support, Norwegian Photography Fund, FFF
2007Art Council Norway, Exhibition Grant, Kulturrådet
2006The National Work Grants for artists, 3 years
2005Grant from NBK - Norwegian Visual Artists Association
2002Art Council Norway
2001Minestry of Culture and Church Affairs
2021Rev Ocean Collection
2022Art Collection Drammen Kommune
2014Gjensidige, Norway
2013Bærum Idrettspark
2013University of Oslo, Norway
2012The Ministry of Education, SuperOffice, Antibac, Kluge Attorneys at law.
2011LUAG Collection, Lehigh University Art Galleries/Museum Operation, PA, USA
2011Bærum Kommunes Art Collection
2011The Norwegian Prime Minister's Office
2010, 09KUBE Art Museum, Ålesund, Norway
2010Moldebadet, Public Building and Rica Seilet Hotel, Molde, Norway
2009Stokke Møbler
2008REC Group
2007Statistisk Sentralbyrå, BW Offshore and Gjøvik Videregående Skole
2004KORO, National Foundation for Art in Public Buildings
2003Klaveness A. F. & Co, Verdipapirsentralen and Domstolsadministrasjonen
2002Bærum Kommunes Art Collection
1998Molde Stadion
Commission work
2024-25SNR, Sjukehuset i Nordmøre og Romsdal, Kulturbyrået Mesén, photography
2021Hjorth Advokater (law firm), photography x 2
2021Rev Ocean, photography x 4
2017Clarkssons Platou, Oslo, photography x 4
2017Kronarb Eiendom AS, Oslo, 1 photography
2016Norges Bank, photography x 5
2016Kronarb Eiendom AS, Vika Oslo, photo installation,
2016"Traveling SUN" KORO at National Library in Mo i Rana, Norway
2015Oslo Kommune, Jarbakken barnehage, photo and painting
2014St. Olavs Hospital KORO, Trondheim, Norway, photography x 2
2014Norges Varemesse, photography
2012SuperOffice, Oslo Norway, photo installation
2019100 Norwegian Photographers, by Ina Otzko.
2012Rom for kunst 2001-2011, Kulturbyrådet Mesén
2011"KUNST", av Mona Vaagen
2010"KunstForum" av André Gali
2005"Prisma" Henie Onstad Art Center, by curator Benedicte Sunde
2000"Fotografi" and "Kunst for Alle" by Morten Løberg
2016 - Guerrilla Plastic Movement, six artist activists fighting plastic pollution with beach cleaning and making performances, installations, costumes, scenographies, workshops and more.
2016-2017"Fornebu - Traces of Time", 100 meter art in public space at Fornebu. Kulturbyrådet Mesén.
2015Opening ceremony, Kunst rett Vest at Henie Onstad Art Center.
2013-2012'DeFence' Sørenga Oslo, Istad/Storsveen
2012-2016"Traveling SUN", road movie and site specific light sculpture by IstadPacini.
2011"TIME", video at Oslo Central Station, Rom for Kunst
2010Fornebu International Flag Project
2008"505050" Outdoor art project at Henie Onstad Art Center
2006-2009"Fusion East West" 6 study trips to Japan
2003-2005"Elevator" Henie Onstad Art Center, Norway
1998-1999"Virgin Mary" video installation, KMR and Telemark Fylkesgalleri.
2016Bærum Kommunes Kulturstipend
2011Award from The Scandinavian American Foundation
2009, 04Bærum Art Society Art Award
2009Kunst rett Vest "Artist of the year"
Work experience
2017 –Chief of board for BKiB. Styreleder for Bærum Bildende Kunstnere.
2011-2012Curator. Video art at Galleri Svae, Gjøvik
1988-2012 Art Director
Member of
Art critic
2020Kunstavisen by Lars Elton
2020Klassekampen by Tommy Ohlsson
2018Stavanger Aftenblad by Anne Therese Tveita
2009Stavanger Aftenblad by Signe Hodne
2009Fotografi Magazine by Per Torgersen