Open Space in Portugal

Where We Are
Open Space at Fundacáo D. Luis i Cascais, Portugal
Nov. 2020 - Feb. 2021

Where We Are
Open Space at Fundacáo D. Luis i Cascais, Portugal
Nov. 2020 - Feb. 2021


Video made by: Julia Lombao

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Open Space

Where We Are

The title “Where we are” addresses where we are as a group.
Where we are as four artist living in Norway.
Where we are as individual artist and where we are in relationship to what is going on in the world.
Our artist group Open Space, has been working together for 10 years and as a result we've gotten to know each others art practises really well.
We came to visit the museum before the show in order to see the space, to learn about the museum to get inspiration from the local culture, from colors, architecture and history.
We took these impressions back with us to use as a starting points for new works for this show.
We really hope that the audience will find some connection with our use of color, imagery and form that will give them some kind of feeling of where we are as artist, in this space, in this museum, at this space at this time.

Where We Are is the first exhibition by the Norwegian artist group Open Space in Portugal, to open in the museum Fundação Dom Luis in Cascais November 6th. For the show, the group has produced new, individual and site-specific works.
Pacini's works are made of materials intended for other purposes that attempt to push the boundaries of sculpture, perception, and meaning. Her work invites and encourages the viewer to move around the individual sculptures in order to fully experience them, rendering the static objects seemingly alive.
Lalim will present a series of paintings in aluminium and gold leaf with a three-dimensional effect. The works point to a reconstruction of space, by referring to architectural details and the colour scale of the museum building, a former Carmelite monastery. Thematically, Lalim's practice engages with the notions of archaeology, space and architecture. The work is characterized by an exploration of visual possibilities in space, as well as having meditative qualities, referencing the experience of time.
Images of the lighthouse near the museum serve as a starting point for Istad when she is developing a new series of abstract photographs exploring the light that defines space. In her practice, Istad examines architecture and its effects on humans on an individual level, her focus now specifically attuned to light, and its spiritual, positive and reductive effects.
Something in-between photographs and paintings, Istad's photographs are made without digital manipulation, motifs instead created and distorted manually with a broken lens.
Isdahl will present a series of new paintings and works for the wall in acrylic on wood and MDF. The works are titled HER. The double meaning of HER signifies a female pronoun in English and "here" in Norwegian. Working on the intersection of painting, object and sculpture, Isdahl places her practice in an architectural context. Usually undergoing thorough simplification processes, Isdahl's works explore the sculptural in painting and the painterly in sculpture, and the intermediate positions and dialogues that arise in-between.

Video art by Istad: Inner&Outer Video art by Istad: Inner&Outer