Tromsø Art Hall 2012-13. Photo by J. M. Johnsen


A road trip and a site-spesific art project by Lisa Pacini & Christine Istad, 2012- 2016

Our aim with our art project is to bring light to the dark winter months in the north, meet people and share with the rest of the world the beauty of the unspoiled nature that is to be found in all of the Nordic countries. 

Distance: Oslo-Tromsø-Kirkenes-Bergen-London-Rjukan-Oslo-Reykjavik-Mo i Rana = 12.755 km (7926 miles).

Traveling SUN is a circular light sculpture, 3 m in diameter, that shifts between a wide range of warm colors. To make the road trip, it was suspended above a flatbed trailer that was pulled by a flat bed truck. The generator that powers the SUN is in the back of the truck, allowing us to drive with the light on all the time. Supported by Oslo Liftutleie.

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Rjukan Culture House 2013-14. Photo Istad Pacini

Henie Onstad Art Center 2013-14. Photo Istad Pacini

Nordic House Iceland 2015. Photo IstadPacini

National Library in Mo i Rana. Purchased by KORO in 2016

Traveling SUN was suspended on a henger. Support by Oslo Liftutleie